In Love with the Sound of her own Damn Voice

Suicide Ride: The Platinum Man - E. Llewellyn

When this book was pointed out to me because of  the author and her poodles attacking reviewers. I read the annoying blurb and thought that the story sounded interesting and was possibly something I would enjoy.

Granted the blurb was annoying in the extreme but the STORY, the story is what's important, right? Not here, not in this book.

I struggled through the sample on Amazon and, wow, does the author NEVER just shut up and write? I was overwhelmed by a wall of pretentious verbiage that moved with the speed of a mongoose on crack (thank you MJD).

The characters and the story recede under the fast moving avalanche and stay cowering in the background too intimidated by the author's overwhelming presence to come forward. Too bad. If Llewellyn would just stop being a WRITER and start writing the story it might be worth the time.



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