Alright, I did it... I asked SPA why they don't defend readers

I've been contemplating this for awhile now, but finally decided to just give it a go:


I started a thread in the author-reader group on Goodreads:


If you want readers, why aren't you defending them?


To elaborate, I basically ask about...well, sort of the same issues Grimlock brought up in her excellent open letter:  why should I, the reader, do the work of supporting indies, when indie authors don't support me?


Supposedly, there are far more of them who "do it right" than turn into raving monsters at the sight of a negative review.  There are more of them who edit and try to produce quality work than there are whiners complaining about how it's hard and it costs money.  So where are they when the shit hits the fan?


Maybe it's a dumb question.  It can't be any worse than "why don't people read self-published books", though, and that thread is HUGE.


Just thought I'd mention it in case you're on GRs, and wanted to add your two cents.