Really Joe Gazzam?? Bully much?

Uncaged - Joe Gazzam



Here is the review in question


And here is the  Amazon review:;
(If you go on, you'll see that it's a Verified Purchase.)


So after he posted this (I live in the UK so I'm 5 hours ahead of US time) and then when I woke up, I saw that I had a new message on Goodreads from Joe himself. This is what he sent me:


he is also slamming the guy on twitter

. Here's the conversation he started:


Part of my message from Gavin:

So he says it's cyber-bullying first because I put up a negative review, which is so not fair, I downloaded the book and didn't like it. Am I not allowed to post my thoughts? Then he calls me creepy? Then he lies to the person he is talking to about "ignoring it and not starting a war" when at the same time he posted that tweet he sent me the message on Goodreads threatening a lawsuit. And then calls me a nut job! On a separate tweet he tells his followers to flag 1-star reviews as abuse and "super religious". Like seriously, is he being serious?



ETA: I just want to add a little of my own info to this post. Apologies for highjacking your post, Shel. 


Joe claims Cameron's making up stories and started this 'campaign' against him? Uh, no, Joe. We found you and reported your sock puppets back in November. Cameron was just appalled, as are most, and decided to make a video warning people. He didn't jump to any conclusions. He followed the facts.

As for your poor twelve year old niece, who was setting up accts all over the Internet to spam your book, AND YOU WERE TOTALLY UNAWARE OF HER DOING THIS? Well, that's strange seeing how she used your email to set up her accts.

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Cut the shit, Joe. You're not fooling anyone with your bullshit excuses and you're not scaring anyone with your imaginary lawyers and Internet cease and desist orders. I'll be sure to send Cameron and Gavin all my screenshots of your emails and interactions with little girls on GRs and twitter, though. Just in case.


It's been done before, you're not unique, though you are pretty fucking speshul and you get bonus points for being super fucking creepy. Give it up, dude. You're only making yourself look worse.



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Heads up, Joe. Looks like goodreads ain't the only site your twelve year old niece shouldn't be on. You might want to fill your 'strict, hyper conservative' sister in on what your niece is doing online.