Celebratin' the Awesome

Firefly - Linda Hilton When You Were Pixels (Syntax #0.1) - Julio-Alexi Genao The Island - Lisa Henry Unteachable - Leah Raeder After Hours: (InterMix) - Cara McKenna The Gate - K.T. Grant The Athena Effect  - Derrolyn Anderson

My good friend Shelby, being the badass chick she is, did a post yesterday celebrating some of the awesome authors who not only write kick-ass books, but are amazing people who treat readers with respect and wow us with their cool on a regular basis, as well.


In the spirit of that post, I'm doing one of my own....


Linda Hamilton Hilton - A shark among clown fish. That is all.


Julio-Alexa Geneo - Not only can this man write a damn good story, he's also one of the funniest mo-fo's on the planet. His quick wit, sarcastic (often pornographic) humor and charming personality has won him a special place in my heart. So much so, that I even him forgive him his obsession with curry.


Lisa Henry - *sigh* Sadly, I don't know this author personally (though I'm a total fangirl for her and often daydream of locking her in my basement and making her write stories for my every whim) but she never fails to impress me with not just her amazing books, but her intelligent and respectful comments about readers and reviewers. She is cool to the extreme.


Leah Reader - Another author I don't know personally, but who first came to my attention when she wrote a truly impressive open letter to goodreads about censorship and readers rights. I'm actually almost halfway through one of her books at the moment, so I can also say she's a fantastic writer, as well.


Cara McKenna - One of my favorite authors who writes some smokin' hot books with unforgettable characters......and she always responds when I tweet stupid shit to her. What? I'm easy to please.


KT Grant - Or Katiebabs, a blogger and author of LGBT romance, she defend's fellow readers and writes well-thought out and honest reviews. Defintiely a cool chick who deserves our support.


Derrolyn Anderson - One of the sweetest people to populate the Internet, she always has kind words and wisdom (and cute cat gifs) to share. All that while writing an amazing YA series and taking up for friends and fellow readers.


There are a million more and I certainly haven't forgot about them. It's so easy to get distracted by the bad ones who often yell the loudest, so I'm doing my best to ignore them and giving my attention to a few who truly deserve it.


You guys are amazeballs! Keep doin what you do.


And Lisa?