They ain't all bad

Cruelty (Episode One) - Edward Lorn Firefly Hollow - T.L. Haddix Stiltskin - Andrew Buckley Cloak and Dagger - Nenia Campbell The Athena Effect  - Derrolyn Anderson Days of Love and Blood - R.S. Carter Firefly - Linda Hilton

BBA's We all know they exist. I'm tired of giving them all the attention. Why not highlight some that do know how to behave? 


Ed Lorn-This man is fastly becoming one of my favorite authors. I adore him. He trys to "stay classy" and to me he succeeds. I am very honored to call him my friend.


TL Haddix-Another author I would love to be real life friends with. She is warm, funny and knows how to behave. She is full of sarcasm when need be but she will hold your hand if you are down.


Andrew Buckley-I recently read his book Stiltskin and I honestly loved it. He posted on my GR review but he was nervous and said so. So many bad authors have made the good ones scared to move. 


Nenia Campbell-Some people love her. Some hate her. No matter how you review her book she will send you smiles. What's wrong with that? Nothing


Derrolyn Anderson-A true lady through and through. She doesn't get involved in drama and keeps people really and truly loving her. I wish I was more like her.


RS Carter-I almost didn't accept him as my GR friend because at the time I was leery of authors period. He promised not to spam and he hasn't done so. He is a reader and my friend.


Linda Hilton-Love her or hate her. She will tell you the truth. I'm very blessed to have this woman as my friend. She is funny and amazing.


I'm sure I'm missing several of you and I don't mean too. I just want to point out that they aren't all bad. Feel free to add to the list.