When That Second Wrong Just Gets You Dirty

When do two wrongs make a right?


Well, some would say, as long as you think your wrong blows theirs out of the water. Apparently, the best way to separate yourself from the pigs is to roll around in the mud with them. After mocking how dirty they are, no less. Is that really the best way to prove which of you is the animal?



Look, I get it, it's hot and that mud looks cool and refreshing. And sure, it may feel good and that pigslide looks likes a damn good time. And it may be...at first. But that mud is gonna be pretty hard to rinse clean of once it sets. Do you really want to have to deal with that mess all over you when you could just as easily go for a therapeutic mud bath with your friends? Especially, after you've worked so hard to prove you're not a pig?


I'm sure the pigs are...well, happy as pigs in shit, but often the best thing to do is just skip the pigslide and not track mud all over your house.