Thank you, Jaq D. Hawkins

Love & Misadventure - Lang Leav


She does more than write goblin rape! Loogie is also helpful with finding GR freak outs. As a result of her review, we found out about this author, her fansheep, and BOYFRIEND attacking a reviewer. Here are a few SS, but it goes on and on.


I sense no one will weep over avoiding this book, but if you are sad about it, remember to thank Loogie for warning you.







Then her boyfriend gets in on the act and keeps going and going... Maybe he eventually backs down, apologizes, or simply shuts up, but I got bored and stopped reading.


It should also be noted that this book has A LOT of ratings. One or even a hundred one stars wouldn't harm its overall ranking, yet the author and her buddies insisted on hounding this reviewer. Very professional.


Additional comment from ThreeRs: 

I'd just like to note that there is comedy gold here.  Not if you're looking for decent poetry, but if you just want to laugh at what some people find deep and meaningful.  This is an example of the contents of this overpriced thing:


His Cause and Effect
He makes me turn,
he makes me toss;
his words mean mine
are at a loss.
He makes me blush!
He makes me want
to brush and floss.


He makes her want to brush and floss, y'all!  Before him, she didn't give a crap about her dental hygiene.


(I'm sorry, I do find this terribly funny.)