You're ruining my liiiiiiiiife!!!!!

Special Forces: Soldiers (1980-1989) (Part 2, Chapters 12-19) - Aleksandr Voinov Marquesate

Yes, I'm talking to you, Aleksandr Voinov. 


Why you gotta write all good and stuff, huh? What'd I ever do to you, man? 


3 more books after this one? Really? I have a family, dude. I gots obligations and whatnot.


Between you and NinJump, I can't get anything done. My child is going to starve! 


Granted, he is technically old enough to feed himself while I'm in a book induced stupor but it doesn't sound as dramatic. So, yeah. 



PSA: Mr. Voinov's books and NinJump are like crack. You think you have it under control and next thing you know you're selling all of your hair to a wig company and offering Amazon employees sexual favors in exchange for ebooks. 


You've been warned.