Author suspended from Twitter yet again



Despite the fact that you keep getting told you can't do things - like name and shame reviewers on Goodreads, or spam on Twitter - you seem to keep getting confused.   You were told, time and again, what was and wasn't okay as far as Twitter went.  You've been suspended on the EveThomas40 account, what, at least twice?   You were told then not to send out random things to random people, and yet you keep doing it. 


So, let me explain my theory on what happened.  You flaunted the rules yet again, because you believed that your cause was just and that meant the rules didn't apply to you.  Someone saw you contacting them, got angry, or creeped out, or something, and reported you to twitter again.   When twitter got so many complaints, and saw that you were ignoring their terms of service despite the multiple chances you've had, they suspended your account.   Again.   


I wouldn't expect to get your account back this time.   You scared them with a press release before, but they will only take you deciding that their rules in their space don't apply to you eternally.   I expect this is the straw that broke the camel's back.  


Perhaps next time you won't serial tweet at strangers.  I suspect OneVoiceNeverSilenced will continue, however, and I'm willing to take bets on when that account will be suspended. 


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