What Was Lost Has Now Been Found...Retrieval of Content from GoodReads??

So, apparently Goodreads will be retrieving the content that was deleted from my account on September 20, 2013.


I have to say I am extremely happy to hear that.


While I'm not too happy about the new policy, judging by their email to me it seems as though they at least realize the faux pas that was made by the deletion of our content without notice and without giving people an opportunity to back up or adhere to the new rules. I know the majority of users, who have very little spare time as it is, put a lot of work and heart into our reviews and postings.


I know everyone has their own reasons for being upset about the new policies and I still firmly believe we should be able to discuss when authors act like douchebags, my main issue was my content being deleted without warning. It felt like a violation, to me. Especially after being told so many times that our content was ours.


While we still will not be able to post the removed material back on Goodreads, at least we'll have it. To keep for personal records or post elsewhere. so, yey for that.


I was never planning to leave Goodreads, I have too many friends there and groups that I love, I feel like this olive branch will at least ease some of my discomfort with the management of the site there.


Hey, it ain't everything but its something.




Looks like Kara has posted a thread in Feedback to address some issues. I'm not sayin' nothin.




Here is the email they sent me...
"Hi TinaNicole,
We are contacting you to let you know we are working on retrieving the content that was deleted from your account on September 20.   We’re very sorry about how that was handled.   In retrospect, we should have notified you and provided you with a copy of your content when we deleted the reviews/shelves.  
We’ve discussed this in more detail with our engineers, and while the reviews have been completely deleted from the database, it turns out we can retrieve the content through back-up servers.  We will email it to you for your personal records as soon as the import completes in a week or two.  Please note though, the content that violated our guidelines cannot be re-posted on Goodreads.
The Goodreads Team"