Resisting Her - Kendall Ryan I have to say I was really excited for this book. I loved Kendall Ryan's first two books and after being seriously disappointed by Hard to Love I was hoping to get another good read. What I got was more the bones of a what could've been a great story.

As usual I'm not giving you a synopsis. Its right up there if you want to read it.

This started out really strong. We start the story from Cole's pov while he's raiding the cult compound and comes across Savannah. I fell hard for Cole. He was everything a H should be in this kind of book. Strong, dependable, handsome but still just a guy that's semi-clueless in regards to love and nurturing someone.

I even liked Savannah and I am seriously tough on h's. I found her believable and strong. Determined to find her way in the world and not content to settle in her life.

All that being said, nothing really happens in this book. Yeah, pretty much nothing. There is their interactions and Cole coming to terms with his feeling's for her and vice versa. There were also several plotlines that were discussed and had potential to be really interesting and make for some suspenseful reading, but nothing panned out. Issues were brought up then dropped just as quickly with no real resolution. All in all it made for a pretty boring read. If I hadn't been so interested in the relationship between the two MC's, it would've been a snoozefest.

I am again disappointed and I'm seriously hoping Ms. Ryan can get back to the intensity in Unravel Me. If not I may give up on her books. This wasn't as bad as Hard to Love but it also wasn't anything special or memorable unfortunately. The 3 star rating is being generous.