Wild Ride (Riding with Honor, #3) - Rebecca Avery I have to say, I wasn't expecting much from this book, seeing as I only kind of liked the first book and was bored to tears by the second, but I've been perving on Chuck since go so there was no way I wasn't going to read it. I actually ended up really liking where she took Chucks story. It was kind of hard not to love him.

I'm going to try to keep the spoilers to a minimum but the reason for the 3 star rating instead of higher is due to two major events in the book that threw me.

So we all know that Chuck is sentenced to community service for having a firearm while on probation. The incident stemming back to the first book where he saves what's-her-face. For his CS the Judge decides it will be beneficial for him to pretty much be a nanny for his grandchildren who's father just died and whose mother is returning to work. I know, just go with it. Here is where we meet Chuck's heroine who has lost her foot in the car accident that took their father. She's having a hard time adjusting and pretty much refuses to rejoin the world. Every person in her life coddles her. Except Chuck, who refuses to treat her like anything other than a normal girl.

Both MC's are very likable. They're interactions are incredibly sweet without being nauseating. There are most certainly some steamy scenes and one in particular involving a sketch pad and some sexy drawing. It does have a significantly younger feel than the previous two books but that's to be expected with both MC's being in their very early 20's. Still nowhere near immature, though.

So, I'm still not quite sure what's the deal with Dickie and Chuck. There's a little more detail as to how they came to know each other but its pretty obvious there's a deeper connection there than even Chucks aware of. I was hoping more would come out in this one but it looks like we're going to have to wait till Dickies book to find out.

Ok, now on to my WTF's. They mention Chuck's "inappropriate behavior" several times throughout the book. Pretty much its just him saying what he thinks and, for the most part, there's nothing inappropriate about it. There is however the pony play at the family pool party incident.

The Judge picks up Chuck to go to the family pool party. The h is the Judge's granddaughter, mind you. As soon as he gets there he starts stripping, a bunch of innuedos are thrown around then she's starts treating him like a horse. Yeah, it was fucking weird.

The next WTF was the ending. Well, more the climax actually. This one is a pretty big spoiler so if you haven't read it yet, I'd skip this part.

The gang members that Chuck was involved with when he was younger and living one the streets (his involvement was also what landed him on probation in the first place) have been harassing him over payment for a gun and trying to get him back into the gang. Chuck declines and is trying to find a way to pay them off and get them out of his life for good. This all comes to a head when 3 of the gang members hold the h and her mother hostage in their home. Dickie finds out first and gets Chuck to go and save them. It turns out Dickie is like some G.I Joe dude or something and ends up shooting 2 of the guys and they blame the deaths on the 3rd guy that ran away. Ok, that's all good. The problem is the mother and daughter witness this but its all brushed aside like it was no biggie. I mean, no crying, nobody's upset, no one even thinks twice about it. They're only worried about getting the blood cleaned up so they can still have the family barbeque the next day. Um, what?

Other than those issues I have to say that this one has been my favorite so far of the series. Definitely worth a read. If you like biker stories without a lot of the crazy stuff give this series a shot. They're fun and easy reads.

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