Damaged and the Beast (Damaged, #1) - Bijou Hunter 3.5 Stars!

I did not expect to like this book as much as I did. I ended up being pleasantly surprised. When I first started I was doing a lot of this....

I'm not sure how to properly express my feelings on this one. Once I got over that initial WTH?, I was engrossed. Its very well written and if you allow yourself to become immersed in the world its hard not to get sucked in. The more I read the more hooked I became. It was like being stuck in a waiting room and there's a soap opera on. At first your all "Oh, lordy. What the hell am I watching?" But then you get to know the characters and you just can't help being draw into the story and praying they don't call you back too soon. I ended up on the edge of my seat.

Farah was a huge issue for me, though. Now, I'm a picky bitch with my characters and I'm especially hard on h's so I'm sure others may not feel the same but Good Lord! Farah was on my last nerve. No backbone, hot and cold with the H, and borderline TSTL on a few occasions. Not to mention the crying. FTLOG, the crying! Everything was scary to Farah and scary things made her cry. Needless to say there was a shit ton of crying.

I have to say the best part of this book for me was Cooper. I loved me some Cooper! I'm not one of those people who gush over a book because I think the H's hot, either. It takes a lot more for me but My God! Coop the Poop made the entire book. Coop was definitely the prince of Elsborg.

He was spoiled, rude, sexy, obnoxious, pushy, sexy and entertaining as all hell. Did I mention he was sexy? Coop is an asshole but he's an asshole who loves Farah something fierce and that endeared him to me. He never wavers with her and he never gives up. Yes, some of his actions are questionable but he did what he thought was right and even his sweeter moments felt true to his character. I heart me some Coop!

Everything in this book is slightly outside the scope of reality but that's kind of what made it awesome for me. I had to suspend belief at times and just immerse myself in their world. Once I did that I was all in and I loved it. It worked in Johannsen land and made for an intense and really fun read.

Hilarious and witty dialogue, a few over-the-top characterizations *ahem* Bailey *ahem* and a perfect mix of funny and emotional situations made this strangely addicting, even being outside my normal style of romance. I will definitely be reading the next book in the series, I just cant help myself.