Hard As Steel - Kristin Michelle Adams Update June 21, 2013

This book went up for free on Amazon so a friend and myself decided to do a buddy read. Now, I wasn't expecting much to begin with but Good Lord this is a steaming pile of shit. (you'll understand all the poo references soon) If you excuse the writing - grammar, typos, punctuation, sentence structure - completely, you're still left with the....ah, let's just say "plot".

By all that is holy, DO NOT READ THIS BOOK if you have a healthy libido and would like to keep it that way. Reading this steaming pile will most likely cause your girly bits to shrivel up in fear and disgust. And that's all before you get to the massive diarrhea. That's not a metaphor either. The characters actually have massive diarrhea and end up caked in it.

Pg 64 of 142
"I think both Ash and I had diarrhea caked to us and we were just too weak to do anything about it"

Do. Not. Read!
It's too late for me. Run, save yourselves!


This was just brought to my attention by another reader, because there was no way I was finishing this horrendous excuse for a book, but apparently the author thought it would be clever to list reviewers who've given her bad reviews as characters who die at the end. No, not all the reviewers who've thought her books were better used as kindling. That would've taken all 164 pages.

No, she picked a select and especially witty few who embarrassed her when she thought it would be a good idea to open sock puppet accts to try and tell these ladies off. And give herself some 5 star ratings while she was at it, of course. I mean, nobody else was going to rate any of her books higher than the necessary 1 star.

Her attempts failed, naturally, because as my good friend Officer Hilton likes to say, she can't write her way out of a wet paper bag. And that made her sad. :-(

It's also worth mentioning that one of these people that got killed off was named Officer D. Irea. Yes, you read that right. More diarrhea! Who talks about diarrhea that much? Except 10 year old boys and gastroenterologists, that is. Someone obviously has a not so attractive poo fetish. Yuck.

Don't waste your time and absolutely do not waste your money.


Is she for reals with this? Oh Lordy.
"Use sex bots to artificially inseminated the women" Uh, yeah. She can't even get through the blurb without any mistakes. I don't even want to imagine what the rest of the book looks like.