Hard to Love - Kendall Ryan Wow, this book was BAD!
I went into this one thinking it was a sure thing. I've read 2 others by Ms. Ryan, Unravel Me and Make me Yours, and really enjoyed them. It was hard for me to believe this was even written by the same author. The female leads were both strong likeable women in the previous series. Not the case with Hard to Love.
I had so many issues with this story that if I listed them all here it'd most likely be as long as the book itself. I know that sounds harsh but its true. I ended up with 3 pages of notes and a migraine from all the eye rolling.

My main issue was the h, Alexa. She was truly awful. Selfish, immature, and really had no concept of what real life is like. And she wasn't meant to be. She was sold in the beginning of the story as the typical innocent 21yr old virgin from a wealthy upper class family who wants to make it on her own.
Uhh, not so much.
She's supposedly going to nursing school and working at a clinic , which we rarely see, but she lives in a luxury apartment and drives a BMW SUV. Must be real hard toughing it out on your own there girly!

Cade is a cage fighter/porn star with a heart of gold. In reality he's just a construction worker with a heart of gold. He is the legal guardian of his 6yr old disabled sister. She is a little spitfire, very cute. He only does 2 porn movies and only to pay his sisters medical bills. He was really a great guy and a good H. The thing was, for me, that she was so unlikeable it made me think he was an idiot for wanting to be with her. Every time she did or said something stupid, and there are ridiculous amounts of stupid on her part, it was followed by him berating himself for her being stupid. Wait, I mean for him being a jerk.

All the stupid in the end of the story was the final nail in the coffin for me though.
She sees him out with a woman (while she's on a date mind you) and passes out cold. Yup, we got a fainter! Also she makes "tiny whimpers' constantly! It made me think of a puppy getting hit with a newspaper for pissing on the carpet.
Also being a single mother when I was 21, I had real issues with the fact that she came in and played house with his sister after they met briefly, yet had no qualms about leaving her behind when she bailed on him. More so that he would even allow that in the first place.

There were numerous other issues like this as well. This is the instant love kind of book which I can deal with as long as it's done well. In this case it's not. There's not all this implied time together that we don't get to see either. They hang out 3 times, 1 of those times they bang. That's it. So even if she wasn't completely ridiculous it would still make a lot of the angst (I use the word angst very loosely) hard to believe and downright silly.

Not Ms. Ryans best work and unfortunately very disappointing. Do check out [b:Unravel Me|15838978|Unravel Me (Unravel me #1)|Kendall Ryan|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1345597985s/15838978.jpg|21578876] and [b:Make Me Yours|16051900|Make Me Yours (Unravel me, #2)|Kendall Ryan|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1348853689s/16051900.jpg|21835124] though.