Hot Ticket - Olivia Cunning What happened? I cant even talk about this. I'm so disappointed. Loved Backstage Pass then Rock Hard happened and OMG! What was that? But hey we got more, there's still time for these to go back to the awesomemess of the 1st book. NOPE! We get Trey's book which was ok, besides the steady relationship after 2 hours of meeting each other and being published 2 books out of order, it was good.

Really what happened? I'm a little sensitive here cause Jace was the big mystery for me but I was not impressed with either character here. She was a sorry excuse for a domme IMO. One minute she's a hard core man hater, next minute she's a fawning schoolgirl. Him, I don't even know what he was. By the time you get to his big reveal, which was very sad, I didn't have it in me to care all that much..
I'm sorry Olivia. I truly am. I loved these I've waited months and bought all of them but I am sad with the way this series is going.

Edit 3/8/13
I keep wanting to fix this review but I think the fact that this book made me slightly illiterate and rambly due to aggravation and possible brain trama from all the eye rolling is worth being noted.