Lana - R.K. Lilley Way too short for me. Predictable and boring. If you don't feel like reading it I'll supply a detailed summary below.

After the first 5 minutes of seeing him again after 8 years she strips naked to change into a swimsuit and then proceeds to masturbate in front of him. In his car. In his family's bar parking lot. He tells her no and takes her back to his house for a nap where she decides it's a good idea to molest him in his sleep then again starts masturbating in front of him. He carries her on his shoulder several times. She's obsessed with his perky man butt. She cries. She giggles. She cries. She giggles. He growls. He feeds her from his hand which of course makes her giggle. They have sex a bunch of times, then she fights his ex-girlfriend. She wins. Woo-hoo. He carries her to the hospital on his shoulder. There's a random flashback to 8 years before when she seduced him into taking her virginity. He confesses he's always been in love with her but didn't think he was good enough. They have sex again. They get married. THE END.

If you liked the Up in the Air trilogy you will most likely enjoy this as well.