The Tied Man (The Tied Man, #1) - Tabitha McGowan The Tied Man for me was good but not great. It did have potential and could've been a lot better in my opinion.

My problems were not with the story itself. It kept me interested. It made me think. It grossed me out at some points (which was the point). The only problem was it took a very long time for me to get to know the characters, which ended up making me feel slightly disconnected all the way through. So it lacked making me feel.

In some conversation with the author she mentioned to me that she was a screenwriter. It actually makes a lot sense in the way the book was written. It felt to me like it took a while for her to find her flow. The book is written in first person from both MC's POV which I do like but I had a hard time connecting with them because about the first 30-40% is mostly dialogue. The lack of narrative from the characters made me feel like I didn't really know them. It does pick up after that point and you get some great insight into both of them but for me personally it made it feel like I was reading two different books. The first half was almost like listening to a movie without being able to see the screen. Just hearing without seeing body language or facial expressions to know what was behind it.

There were a few instances where things or people just seemed to pop out of nowhere as well. It seemed as if parts were maybe edited out but random comments got left in by accident.

For instance, there is a scene where Finn, Henry and Lili are in the bar in a private room. Finn and Henry are talking to each other then all of a sudden the bartender's talking without any indication of him entering the room. Another is Blaine randomly mentions Lili covering up her exema on her arms. We never heard anything about it before that and it wasn't clear why it was even mentioned at all.

All of these things combined with a few occasions of two characters dialogue being back to back in the same paragraphs led to a lot of starts and stops for me. I would keep thinking I missed something or get confused as to who was talking and feel the need to backtrack.

As I said the story was well done, but with the lack of emotional attachment I felt with the characters, the darker or more intense aspects didn't quite pack the punch they were meant to.

I think that if the story and characters were fleshed out more in the first half of the book it would've been close to a 5 star read for me.