Lover at Last - J.R. Ward I cant believe I'm giving this book 3 stars. I know right? A BDB book, Quinn, my favorite, is only getting 3 stars? Truth be told I was wavering (and still am a little) between 3 and 4 stars, but I have to stick with 3.

First off, it took me 2 whole days to read it. Not because it was long or because I didn't have time, but because until I around 50% I couldn't stop putting it down. Frankly, I was a little bored.

I had high hopes for this one. Yes, Quinn was one of my favorites, but also because I figured (hoped) she got all the new character introductions out of the way in Tohrs book. Eh not so much. It took a good half of the book to not only get Quinn and Blays story rolling, but also the 6 other new characters stories as well. Sooo many pov's. Sooo many side stories that unfortunately took away from our MC's story. Once it got rolling the new characters stories were great. Problem is the constant switch in pov was distracting and frustrating. As soon as you start getting hooked into one story, BAM! You're back to another one. Did not work for me.

The brotherhood stuff was fantastic. As always was a pleasure to be back in Caldwell and especially the mansion. She threw us some excitement as well (A very exciting airplane ride for example) and took us back to a little of the good ole BDB fighting days. Well, briefly at least. And some interesting (or maybe creepy) familial ties coming back, but again with so much going on those times were all too brief.

I was hoping we'd get back to some original BDB style in regards to the main couple as well. Sadly, that was also a no-go. Don't get me wrong, there are some super steamy scenes between the two of them in typical J.R. fashion. Unfortunately, some of the things that we all loved are absent or minimal, same as in Tohrs book. Bonding scent, marking and all the mine, mine, mine were seriously underplayed, if mentioned at all. Boo!

The ending (in regards to Qhuay) also wrapped up a little too quickly and neatly for me. Yes, it was lovely to see Quinn find his real family and to finally be at peace with himself. Same for Blay, but again just a little too neat. And kinda gay (no pun intended) Journey? Really, Ward?

So I had to go with the 3 star rating for Lover at Last. It took too long to get moving, and trying to remember the numerous characters back stories and figure out who the new characters were was aggravating. It also lacked that crazy, intense feel that the series had at that start. That special thing that hooked us in and made us crazy fangirls. Its just not here. There's some good, some bad and also some exciting possibilities for the future of the BDB series.

A must read for hard core fans of the Brothers. For those of you on the fence, I'd give it a shot. In the long run it was worth it. Just don't expect that original BDB oomph we all love so much.