Off Sides (Off Series, #1) - Sawyer Bennett Juvenile and simplistic writing. Boring unoriginal plotline. Silly dialogue.

The entire book reads a 13 year old girls journal complete with all her immature romantic fantasies of what college will be like. One dimensional characterizations. Of the MC's along with all of the secondary characters. The H doesn't talk or think like a guy at all. Not even a nice guy. He sounds like what a young girl wants a guy to be like but has no experience to go on.

Some of Ryans thoughts....

"I'm not making love to you tonight.' When we finally come together it will be perfect."

They went on a date, he doesn't call her for a week then when he asks to talk to her she thinks hes breaking up with her. They went on one date. Ryan mentions the making love thing the first night.

"Its certainly not happening to fast for me. I feel like a teenage boy getting ready to have sex for the first time."

Bottom line it was awful. Wish I could get the time I spent reading it back.