My Everything (Beaumont, #1.5) - Heidi  McLaughlin Ok so I'm going to start off by saying that I didn't have many feelings about in Nick in [b:Forever My Girl|16119079|Forever My Girl (Beaumont, #1)|Heidi McLaughlin||21938104] except pity. I felt bad for him. So when I realized this novella was about him I was pleased he'd get his HEA.

Instead I continued to feel bad for him in this one as well. At least until the last 10%. The book starts out with Nick getting settled in Africa and the new woman he meets named Aubrey.

I think it was all the flashbacks to his and Josie's relationship that ruined it for me. We get a pretty good idea of they're life together in Forever My Girl and the re-telling through Nick's eyes was really unnecessary. Maybe if it had been done in smaller doses it would've gotten across what she had wanted but for me it was a major fail. Instead of seeing him fall in love again and heal his broken heart, we were just forced to endure his heartbreak all over again.

It made it feel like he just settled for Aubrey because she actually did want to marry him and have his babies. It was unfair to both of them.

I did enjoy seeing him with Noah and that he got the opportunity to fix that relationship. Their interactions were endearing and incredibly sweet.

Bottom line, I felt that Nick wasn't given his due and it was unfortunate. Still looking forward to the next in the Beaumont Series though.