Rules of Entanglement (Fighting for Love, #2) - Gina L. Maxwell I quite enjoyed the first book in this series Seducing Cinderella so when I saw that she'd written a follow up I was excited to get started.

Vanessa is Lucie's BFF who's sent to Hawaii to meet up with Lucie's brother Jax so they can get things situated for Lucie and wedding. Lucie is sick and cant attend the meetings with the wedding planner so V goes in her stead. Her and Jax, by means of some truth altering on Jax's part, are forced to pretend to be the happy couple to keep the eccentric wedding planner happy.

Vanessa seemed like a great character in the first book. The seductive, maneating, smartass lawyer who didn't keep guys around long and was loyal as a pitbull to her besty. My kind of chick, no doubt. Unfortunately in this book, it took a good long while of her bi-polaring all over the place before settling into a consistent personality. I felt like I didn't know who she was for the first 50% of the book.

Jax was hot. Dominant, alpha male to the extreme but not over-the-top obnoxious, cutting up her meat and treating her like a piece of china. He was sexy as all get out and once he knew what he wanted he went after it full steam. No apologies.

All in all, it was a good book. Steamy sex scenes, fun interactions, somewhat interesting storyline, it just never got great for me. I found myself bored at several points and rolling my eyes at some pretty obvious plot devices. There were also a few things that just seemed silly and not really worthy of the angst they were being afforded.

It was good, but not great. There will be another book in the series about Vanessa's little sister and I will definitely be reading it. Just hope its a little more entertaining and faster paced than this one.