Skin - Kylie Scott I absolutely loved the first book in this series Flesh. So needless to say I was highly anticipating the sequel. Unfortunately I was slightly disappointed.

My main complaints are about the h and pretty much the first 50% of the book. She was awful. Whiny, immature and repeatedly putting herself and in turn the H, in danger. She was almost TSTL on several occasions. It was frustrating to say the least. Now the H was no peach and the circumstances of which they were together were less than ideal but come on, chicky! Most of her actions were along the lines of cutting your nose off to spite your face.

The H was actually quite endearing. Once you get past the kidnapping and keeping her chained and such, that is. He did his best to make her happy and take of her. And in his caveman way it was all well intentioned.

The other problem for me was the lack of action in the first half. It got kind of boring and only made the h's idiocy all the more obvious.

Now, the second half was great. Definitely had that "Flesh" feel to it. The h's character changes drastically in the second half of the book, which is a good thing, but also a complete 180 that came across as unbelievable. There are some dramatic events towards the end that were exciting to read and it was awesome to get a chance to revisit the characters from Flesh.

All in all, it was just okay. If you enjoyed Flesh I'd definitely recommend this one and I will still be reading any more she writes in the future.