Extreme Love - Abby Niles This was one out of four MMA fighter books I read a few weeks ago and it was one of the better ones, but overall it was just okay.

I might say potential a few times but it's the one word that keeps popping into my head. It wasn't as polished as it could've been in regards to almost everything. The writing, storyline, character development. The whole thing had great potential, unfortunately it just never fulfilled it. Don't get me wrong its a good book and I really enjoyed it. I just think it could've been a lot better.

Caitlyn is now a size 12 after losing something like 80lbs. She's still adjusting to her new self and coming to accept who she is and realizing she's no longer the "fat girl" she always felt herself to be. She's an endearing and likeable character and while there could've been more development, she was realistic in a lot of ways. Her insecurities were believable as were some of the negativity she's had to deal with in her life.

Dante was lovely. He's not the typical arrogant, alpha-male meathead you see so often in these books. He won me over on their first meeting when instead of growling and being a douche he struggles to find things to make conversation about just to keep talking to her.

"He leaned in closer. 'So do you watch MMA?'
She tensed. 'No.'
'Oh. Okay.' Strike one. 'Did you enjoy the fights tonight?'
Strike two. He breathed deeply. 'What about you, then? Anything you'd like to talk about?'
Her fingers traced the glass. 'Not really.'
And you're out. He glanced heavenward. Throw me a bone, please. He wracked his brain searching for a topic to talk about."

He was still very much a tough guy but there is no insta-love or lust in this book, for which I was incredibly thankful. Sure, he's attracted to her, as she is to him, but his main goal is to get to know her. He's intrigued by her and wants to know who she is. He fights hard for her and he never wavers. She has insecurities and issues with his profession but Dante knows what he wants and goes after it full steam. He doesn't just barrel his way in and take what he wants. In his pursuit of her, he helps her to start seeing herself the way that he and others see her. It was incredibly sweet.

There is one issue that almost dropped this down from 3 to 2 stars, for me. The climax/ending. I don't want to give anything away but it was beyond ridiculous and left me shaking my head at the WTFkery. Unrealistic, overdramatic and there was never any real resolution to it. It was not something that could be ignored or brushed aside, either. We're talking indictable felony offense type stuff here.

Overall, while there is much room for improvement, this was an enjoyable read. Likeable MC's and side characters and steamy sexy times with just enough tension to be satisfying. Even though the plot was predictable and some of the thoughts and feelings were slightly repetitious, its definitely still something I would recommend to most readers. I'll also be more than willing to take a chance on this author in the future.