Against All Odds (Against All Odds, #1) - Kels Barnholdt This book was hard to rate for me. It was a solid 3 stars, maybe more, up until the last page. Then she hit us with the most absurd, ridiculous and unbelievable cliffhanger I think I've ever read. It pulled my rating down to 1 star and the only reason I gave it 2 was because I did genuinely enjoy the majority of the book till that point.
I was all like...

I was actually insulted by the ending. It was like the author lulled me into a false sense of security then was all "Ha! Gotcha, bitches! How's that for a Mother F@$king Cliffhanger!"

It was so preposterous and out of left field, that I honestly thought I'd accidentally skipped ahead on my kindle and was reading a sample for a different book.

First of all, what mental health professionals storm into someone's bedroom in the middle of the night? A minor's bedroom, no less. Then proceed to drag her out by the hair? Seriously?! Are you for reals with this shit?! And what reason are they going to justify having her committed? The supposed incest with a boy who she just met? Who's mother, her father isn't even married to yet? Or are they just getting rid of her because apparently all her normalcy is an embarrassment? No really apparently she's not special enough.

It all just seemed so wrong, not only because it was completely insane, but because the story was fairly normal up till that point. I was waiting for them to tell me her father was really an ogre and then she'd get bitten by a vampire turning her into the first fairy princess/vampire/werewolf hybrid, who's actually a princess of some hidden dimension.

Anyway, if you like soap opera level silliness and ridiculous cliffhangers that leave you scratching your head and saying "What the fuck did I just read?!" Then this ones for you. If not, I'd give it a pass.

I do have to say, maybe I'm not all there in the head, but I will most likely read the second book. If only because I cant imagine what she's going to do to dig the story out the fantastical realm of what the fuckery she threw it into. I know, I know! I have issues. What can I say?