Moon (New Species, #10) - Laurann Dohner What a freakin' disaster! I was hoping this one would be better than the last few have been. Eh, not so much. I don't know if I'd say worse, as the last few were pretty bad as well, so I'll just say equally bad. At least she's consistent, I guess.

She's kind of dumbed the New Species down since, well since Justice really, and they're at the point of being borderline imbeciles if not well past. I'm also starting to think she believes her readers are imbeciles too since every single detail is spelled out for us, mostly by using dialogue. It's not that complicated, honey. For real.

Since I mentioned dialogue, I'll get into that first. The lack of contractions and running several sentences long in one go, gave it a boring, monotone feel throughout. Characters repeatedly stating the obvious making it seem like, again, they were all total idiots or the author assumes we are. Info dumps by dialogue never works out.

"Talk to him. We are moving him to a special area that took us all day to refit for his needs. We were hoping the drugs would leave his system but now we're that aware we'll have to keep him prisoner until he's cured. He is too dangerous since he keeps breaching the restraints. We don't want to use chains long-term due to the fact that, with his strength, he could break his limbs when he struggles. It would be cruel."


Nothing was complex enough to need any of those explanations either. Most of the simplistic plot was told through characters dialogue then repeated several times over in the narrative. WE GET IT!!

Juvenile writing, simplistic plot, moronic, two dimensional characters and a whole buttload of telling made this almost impossible to get through, let alone enjoy in any way. I did like the first three books in the series but it's pretty clear, this being the 10th or so, that those are long gone. I am officially done with this series. Don't waste your time or your money.