Until I Break - M. Leighton I've been sitting on writing this review for a while because I hadn't figured out how to explain it right. I was actually prompted to write this now because apparently the author is pulling this book because "we just don't get it" Uh, not so much. You just didn't do a good job getting across what you wanted is more like it.

This book was awful for me. I didn't even consider it sexual tension, just nothing happening. Ever. The book and characters are portrayed as incredibly deep, when its more like incredibly shallow and juvenile.

1) It's pretty much bdsm lite, a fluffy romance trying to be dark. There's very little sex or eroticism and even less bdsm. Not just props and such but actual dominance as well. Not to mention, the H never seems like he actually likes the h but I'm supposed to believe he's so in love with her?

2) Characters were underdeveloped and boring. The supposed sexual tension was just pointless. So much talking about what was going to happen then Bam! cut to two weeks later. The H keeps telling us he's making her wait for certain reasons but they really don't make sense. Even when their pasts are revealed its unfulfilling. Felt more cliche than anything else.

3) I can't consider a book with almost so sex or sexual tension an erotic novel. It has nothing to do with volume of sex in the book but the feelings that coincide with characters lusting after each for more than 80% of a book. That pay-off better be phenomenal and it in no way delivered. Nothing's erotic in the book, just childish and poorly done,IMO.

I'm not sure why the author is pulling this book. It's not something hard to understand like she's claiming. It's just underdeveloped, simplistic writing with poor characterizations and a boring storyline.

If you're looking for an intense erotic read with a lot of depth and feeling, you're gonna want to pass on this book.