Good by S. Walden

Good - S. Walden

Okay, I wanted to give this 4 stars but there were three things preventing me. Two were more personal annoyances, really but the one thing people should know before going in. Just in cast they want to wait. I'll just get that one right now.

It's another fucking cliffhanger! Another. Fucking. Cliffhanger.

The second thing was all the God, good Christian crap. I'm not anti-religion but I'm not religious either so I'd rather not hear my characters mulling over every decision with "what would Jesus do?" Yeah, no thanks.

There is this weird breath play scene towards the end that was just so oddly done. I have no issues with breath play, in general, so long as it fits in the story and with the characters.

I had the feeling a few times that it was going a little D/s but that never materialized. Like he was going to make her start calling him Sir or something. Instead we got this strange, OTT, breath play scene that was slightly silly as opposed to the or whatever, that the author was going for.

I don't know. Either way, it didn't work for me.

The rest was good. I had some other minor character issues but nothing too bad and overall, I did enjoy it. Read it straight through in a day and I'm going to be to read the next one. If for no other reason than curiosity.