Real - Katy Evans Don't be fooled by all the 5 star reviews on this book!

I'm sure there's an okay story in there somewhere if you don't have any problem with digging through a bunch of nonsensical crap to find it. I don't want to spend my time trying to figure out what the author means, I just want to get lost in the story and characters.

For me this book was close to unreadable. It is riddled with bad grammar, long run-on sentences (some entire paragraphs are one long sentence) misused words galore, incorrect tenses, improper sentence structure and most of the sentences make little to no sense at all even if you rearranged them. It was poorly written with almost no character development and the h's inner monologue is juvenile and extremely repetitive and drags on for pages at a time.

Some examples.

"Because your smile doesn't even have any place on your face anymore." What?

"I spent extra time rubbing his deltoids, the roundest, squarest part of the shoulder." Roundest and squarest? Hmmm.

"We need to stop, sometimes we hear music, turn on the TV, or eat." Uh, I think she meant listen not hear.

"He buzzes his nose into my temple." I don't even know.

"and now he's just bouncing on his calves as if waiting for the next hit to come." He's got mad skills cause that seems impossible.

"Its hard to watch you fight but to watch you suicide yourself is..." Really? REALLY?

"She shoots some sort of tranquilizer up his IUV." It's just an IV. No U needed.

"That my floor was shaking under my feet. It was." Was there an earthquake?

"I'd do it a thousand times for you." He scents me. And I scent him." You mean smells, I'm pretty sure. Or else they're peeing on each other?

These are not single instances. They run rampant through the entire book and the same mistakes are made often, sometimes several on a single page, so it obviously wasn't an editing or typo issue. Just the authors lack of knowledge. The sex scenes had this same issue with wording that caused them to just be ridiculous. "Breast tips" Are you for real with this? Now this one's just personal but calling the bad guys "goonies". It's just goons. Every time she said that all I could think of was Sloth with Chunk and the little Asian goonie standing behind him throwing gang symbols and trying to look tough. Goonies never say die! Not so intimidating.

I'm not even going to go into what little storyline there was. It's pretty much just the h's immature lusting over the H's muscles and jawline and sweatpants hanging off his hips just so, repeated over and over and over. She actually gushes a few times when he sips off her drink because their lips touched the same thing. *facepalm* Not much depth with any other character in the story either. Most of it was unbelievably boring. I will say there were some aspects i.e the song sharing & the H's illness, that had the story been better executed could've made for some great reading. But that didn't happen. The way the mental illness was handled was particularly off putting. He shouldn't put that poison in his body. She says. i.e medication. Again, for real?

Bottom line is, if you actually care about a story being well written and not just a bunch of barely legible nonsense with a semi-hot guy that hardly talks and an immature rambling heroine, then you should pass on this one. Honestly, I wish I had.

eta: to match Ammy review.