Strangers - Barbara Elsborg Great book. I was worried initially because the characters are British (it takes place in England) and sometimes I have trouble with the language, slang and such but not this one. The story was engrossing. The sex was steamy. Yes there's a lot of it but there was enough going on and enough emotional connection that it never felt over the top to me. The characters are at rock bottom in their lives but she does a wonderful job of bringing forth their strengths and making you feel their struggles. Also the strength they gain from each other. In my opinion most with the female lead. Shes been through a lot of heartache and pain and even though she feels broken down at times she never whines. All in all I loved it and have re-read and will most likely read it again. I've so far recommended it to 3 people who have all loved it as well. Give it a shot.