Try - Ella Frank DNF at 65%

Cheesy, unrealistic dialogue, shallow characters, no real plot to speak of, which made it boring.
Honestly, it felt more like a m/f romance, to me. Neither Tate nor Logan read like male characters, just a woman trying to write male characters while following a m/f erotica formula. Overall writing style was awkward. I kept thinking of the word clunky. Nothing flowed.
Boring sex scenes with little to no real emotion. At 60%, it was basically the same sex scenes and almost like she was working off a checklist.
Rub and tug: check.
Blowjob: check.
Finger fucking: check. etc., etc.
Yeah, just bad. There is so much amazing m/m out there, but this is not one of them.

For anyone looking to check out some brilliant m/m authors, here are two of my favorites. You absolutely cannot go wrong with either one.
[a:Aleksandr Voinov|3074905|Aleksandr Voinov|]
[a:Lisa Henry|5050492|Lisa Henry|]

And now a gif montage of my reading experience for your viewing pleasure...

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