True - Laurann Dohner Fucking awful! I'm officially done with this series. I enjoyed the first three books and I'm not sure if I've been holding out hope that they would get better or I'm just a glutton for punishment, but they're just getting worse and worse.

First of all, the author uses almost the same formula for every book. Human that worked for Mercile and NS male fall in love and share sex. Male doesn't trust female, jumps to insane, illogical conclusions that make no fucking sense and worries about breaking her with his giant peen. Of course there are side characters, who were completely normal in previous books, that suddenly go batshit cray-cray and often homicidal to cause conflict for our MC's.

The NS are somehow getting dumber with every book (trust me, that's saying something) and apparently the stupid is rubbing off on the humans, as well.

The entire book is telling with zero showing and 95% of the info is supplied through dialogue. I mean, holy fucking info-dumps. Instead of material being weaved through the narrative, characters supply paragraph long, info-dumpy speeches, that usually contain so much obvious, common sense information that they sound a bunch of half stupid children. Actually, that's kind of insulting to children.

They'll make a statement then proceed to explain that statement in depth. Things like, "I would rather not share sex with small human females. I am worried because they are small and I am so large that if we share sex I will break the fragile human. That would be a bad thing." Thank you, Captain Fucking Obvious, for your brilliant insight.

Okay, so that's not a direct quote, but you can find hundreds almost identical to it, repeated over and over and over, throughout all 10, or however many, books in the series.

Oh, and this is just a pet peeve of mine, but the author never uses contractions. Like, ever. So, add that in to the incredibly juvenile writing, the long info-dumpy speeches and you're left with this monotonic, imbecilic, rambling fuckery.

Yeah, I'm done. Fuck you, very much.