Lucky Number Four

Lucky Number Four - Amanda Jason DNF at 70%. I don't care. Desperately needs an editor. Boring, incohesive storyline, cardboard characters. Actually, cardboard is not the right word, I'm not even sure they were that. Just ridiculously underdeveloped. At 70%, I still didn't know a single character. Even the chick telling the story. Most of the scenes are completely unnecessary and do nothing to further plot or develop the characters. Just random shopping trips and such. Boring, immature, unrealistic dialogue, and this was supposed to be silly. How do you ruin silly?

It has a good premise and it could've been a lot of fun. It just really, really wasn't. I'm giving it two stars b/c I could see the potential, but I can't even finish it. Needs a lot of work by people who know what they're doing.