Yet more reasons to avoid Kevin Weinberg

Threats against Linda and threats against SA.


But it's totally not misogynistic that he sends his followers against two women.  /sarcasm.


Kevin will tell you that he's just trying to do good, that he hates bullies, and so on and so forth.   Pretty much this: 



I usually believe that people aren't too% dick.   But if someone could be more than, I'm pretty sure Kevin's accomplished it by sending out his minions to do his dirty work.   


The only thing that comforts me right now is that I literally stumbled onto this last night: (warning, Age of Ultron spoiler)




(show spoiler)


To you two, I'm so sorry :(  I hope that the support of friends bolsters you at this time, and this is my attempt.   If you ever need to talk, PM me.